Appetizers Raw Bar Snacks

Shrimp Cocktail (GF)

NC shrimp, poached in lowcountry boil broth

served with spiced dukes mayo & house

cocktail sauce     6 | 10 12 | 18

Geechie Boy Cornbread (V)

baked fresh daily in-house - topped with hot

honey, butter & scallions    4

Pimento Parfait

white cheddar pimento topped with smoked

bacon and bourbon jam served with pickled

onions and saltines    8

Grit Fries (GF)

Geechie Boy grits with tasso & scallions fried

crispy served with pickled pepper dukes mayo 6

Fresh Shucked Oysters (GF)

Ask your server about today’s variety served

with house cocktail sauce, hot honey

mignonette & saltines    6 | 12 12 | 22

Buttermilk Hush Puppies(V)

local buttermilk hush puppies fried to order -

topped with hot honey & pickled jalapeño    4

Oyster Rockefeller

fresh shucked local oysters topped with

pernod cream, chopped farm greens &

smoked bacon - oven broiled    6 | 14 12 | 24

Shrimp & Crab Hush Puppies

Local buttermilk, NC shrimp & blue crab

topped with scallions served with creole

remoulade & pickled jalapeño    10

Lowcountry Shrimp

NC Shrimp sautéed in lager, garlic butter &

hot sauce topped with fresh herbs served on

a garlic baguette    12

Garlic Shrimp

NC Shrimp steamed in lillet blanc, garlic &

butter served with a garlic baguette    12

Crispy Brussels (GF) (V)

flash fried brussel leaves topped with

smoked peanuts, hot honey & cured onion

flowers    6

Southern Fried Oysters

heirloom cornmeal & local buttermilk fried

oysters with bourbon sorgum glaze, scallions

& benne served with pickled pepper dukes mayo   10